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Let us tell you a little about who and what we are.

Human Resource Associates (HRA) is a management consulting firm in the field of human resources and labor relations. HRA provides professional services and products to corporations and associations using the most practical, effective, fair and legal procedures.

The principals at HRA are seasoned professionals with 19 to 32 years experience across the broad range of human resources. Our associates are experts in the specific, supportive and technical areas of human resources.

Our company vision is to make the world of work a productive, challenging, growing, rewarding and responsible experience. We seek and offer ways to bring about the mutual understanding of the rights and responsibilities of people who have chosen to work with each other. The basic and advanced training of people who want to understand their work environment, develop their abilities and take pride in their work and themselves is central to our vision. We seek to create environments where people working together with mutual respect can put more into the system than they take out thereby creating real productivity.

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