HRA has performed hundreds of keynote, topical and technical presentations for associations and companies.

Here is an overview of HRA's presentation programs.

HRA's keynote speaker is William J. Cook. William ("Bill") Cook has been an HR professional for over 32 years. He has taught courses on human resources and labor relations at two universities and one college, and has written over 120 articles on human resources for newspapers and trade journals.

Bill was under contract to the Department of Labor for over eight years establishing recruiting and training programs for minorities and women across the United States. His work included the creation, development and monitoring of successful programs for the Navajo Indian nation, the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training and organizations in every state in the union.

Bill is well know in the association world. He is a regular speaker for many associations creating custom designed presentations and seminars each year. His keynote presentation on "Workforce 2000, What's Next?" compares the workforce of the 1950s, '80s and today with the emerging workforce of the next 10 years they way we were, the way we are and the way we are going to be. The valuable and fascinating presentation explains the impact these changes are already causing in the work place and where it's all going with the newly emerging "Generation X." What will all of this mean to employers over the next 10 years. "Workforce 2000, What's Next" is a keynote presentation that is updated continuously to reflect accurately the impact of our ever-changing workforce.

Bill and HRA's associates also present topical presentations on such issues as:

  • "People Dynamics, Managing The Differences in Your Workforce"

  • "The Myths of the Older Worker"

  • "Affirmative Action, The Reality and the Myths"

  • "What To Do When The Union Comes Calling. Rights vs. Responsibilities"

  • "Workers' Compensation, Friend or Foe."

HRA specializes in technical seminars such as:

  • "Sexual Harassment, Protect Your Employees and Your Company"

  • "Management Styles. How To Identify and Work With The Differences In People"

  • "Terminating Employment; It's A Two Stage Process"

  • "Working With Federal Regulations Day To Day"

  • "Evaluating Employee Performance"

  • "Company Bibles, Why You Need An Employee Policy Handbook And How To Create It"

HRA's foremost program is the "Management Development Program."

  • Part 1. Basic management and workforce 2000.

  • Part 2. Federal employment regulations in practical use.

  • Part 3. People Dynamics, identifying and using your management style.

Call our office, or email us your request for schedules and fees for any of these presentations.

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