Every source of HR expertise and strategic planning confirms that training, persistent and focused training and re-training, is the essential demand placed on every company that intends to succeed in the changing and competitive workplace.

Several 1995 and 1996 studies now confirm that more than 80% of all corporate training money is spent on upper level executive training while the vast need is for basic management and technical skills.

HRA concentrates on the following types of training seminars:

  • Interviewing Skills for Employment

  • Performance Evaluation I and II

  • Employment Regulations in Day-To-Day Practice

  • Sexual Harassment, What It Is and How To Deal With It Fairly and Effectively.

  • People Dynamics. Identifying Management Styles and How to Use Them to solve problems, manage people and to build teams.

  • Management Training:
    The basics of managing and supervising people, practical employment regulations and People Dynamics.




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