Personnel Notebook is a human resource publication that is distributed worldwide through subscriptions. This popular and valuable publication is a monthly mini-manual that describes in everyday practical terms how to perform HR projects, how to understand and manage federal employment regulations and how to conduct HR professional functions.

Personnel Notebook is not a newsletter, each issue focuses on a single key topic of importance to give you practical, real world guidelines.

Some of the mini-manual topics you will receive when you subscribe to Personnel Notebook are:

  • Company Bibles: How To Prepare Your Own Employee Policy Handbook.

  • Who Gets Paid Overtime In Your Company? Identifying Exempts vs. Non-Exempts.

  • Sexual Harassment: How to Identify It, How To Protect Your Employees And Your Company.

  • Employee Turnover, Your Most Expensive Problem.

  • Performance Appraisals, The Annual Classic And The New Wave.

  • The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The Good, the Bad, And The Ugly.

  • Drugs in Your Workplace. What's Legal, What's Fair, What Works.

  • Position Descriptions. How To Do Them and Why You Should.

  • What To Do When The Union Comes Calling.

  • People Dynamics, How To Identify Management Styles And Manage The Differences In People.

...and other topics covering the entire broad range of human resources and labor relations.

You can subscribe to Personnel Notebook as an individual or corporation by contacting HRA. You will receive 12 monthly issues of this valuable, easy to understand and practical human resource management tool.

Learn how to:

Understand and deal with complicated employment regulations

Get results on employee problems

Improve productivity and employee morale

Complete your personnel projects on time

Save money on consultants' fees

Create your company's drug program

Make your job easier and more productive

Protect your company from employment regulations charges

Prepare employee policy handbooks

Prepare for the incredible changes in our dynamic workforce

Be a well-informed and more successful executive

You can subscribe to Personnel Notebook by contacting:

6050 Greenway Court
Manassas, VA 20112-3049


or by contacting us through phone, fax, email or this website.

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Associations may acquire annual reproduction rights to Personnel Notebook by contacting HRA. An original, customized copy with your association's name will be on the banner (headline) section. A space for your additional messages will be available in each issue.

You (or HRA) can reproduce them and mail them to your members as a membership service or on a fee charged basis. Contact us for more information.

Sexual Harassment
Excerpt of Personnel Notebook "Sexual Harassment: Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places"
Independent Contractor
Excerpt of Personnel Notebook "Independent Contractor or Employee?"

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